Managing and planning wealth is not about quick fixes for the short term. Drawing upon the extensive resources provided to Platinum Firm’s within AXA-Advisors and the capabilities of LPL’s investment research, we can help you address all aspects of their financial life. Our philosophy is that investors can potentially do better over time by having a personalized long term, comprehensive financial plan in place.

SBGH understands that when it comes to benefits, every company and individual has different needs. That is why we take a customized approach in preparing a variety of benefits packages and personalized insurance resources for both individuals and companies. We can assist in filling your corporate needs for employee benefits, giving your employees a range of options and adding value to your organization.

As retirement nears, physicians prefer to have an in-depth understanding of the financial and tax implications of slowing down their careers. We take a customized approach to help physicians secure ample resources to achieve a comfortable retirement.

With decades of experience, SBGH brings an incredibly vast amount of risk management expertise. Our certified professionals can help guard against loss and are dedicated to preventing and/or minimizing the impact of unexpected events. We work with you to identify areas of exposure, then we assess, prioritize and recommend customized solutions.

As a Professional Athlete you will present unique challenges for financial advisors. Advising professional athletes who have public profiles, significant financial success and relatively short careers requires skill, experience and dedication. SBGH has experience working with professional athletes and our mission is straightforward.

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck